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The Best Natural Hair Conditioners from Mother Sparsh

Our haircare routine is not complete without deep conditioning with the right natural hair conditioner after every wash. For instance, if your hair lacks moisture, you need the best hair conditioner for dry hair to ensure hair health. If you have hair loss issues, the conditioner you use must have detangling properties and prevent breakage.

This blog is solely devoted to hair conditioners and how to pick hair conditioners for different hair problems. You will also find answers to your queries regarding the best hair conditioner in India.

Keep reading to strengthen your hair care routine!

Natural Hair Conditioners from Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh Hair Conditioners are an amalgamation of ayurvedic herbs and scientific practices. Each conditioner is formulated with precision to tackle a particular hair problem.

The following are the three conditioners from the house of Mother Sparsh. Pick your conditioner wisely!

Onion Hair Conditioner

Onion is a kitchen staple used for hair treatments due to its hair growth and anti-dandruff properties. Onion concentrate is good to prevent hair fall and promote hair regrowth. Mother Sparsh Onion hair conditioner is packed with the goodness of raw onion concentrates and other ingredients.

Onion Hair Conditioner

Major Ingredients

1. Raw Onion Concentrates

2. Avocado Oil

3. Black Seed Oil

4. Shea Butter

5. Castor Oil

6. Hydrolyzed Keratin

7. Amodimethicone


● Moisturises hair strands after each wash.

● Prevents tangles and breakage.

● Increase density and impart a lustrous shine.

● Stimulate hair growth and strengthen strands.

How to Use?

Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Growth is a complete package that gives the best result when used in the following pattern.

● Apply Mother Sparsh Onion hair rasa on the scalp and massage for 3-5 minutes in a circular motion.

● Apply Mother Sparsh Onion hair growth oil on the scalp and the strands, and wrap your hair in a warm towel.

● Wash hair after 30 minutes with Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Shampoo.

● Apply Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Conditioner on wet hair, let it sit for 3 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.

Brahmi Hair Conditioner for Kids

Mother Sparsh Kids hair care range has the best natural hair conditioner for kids. It is specially made to treat dandruff in kids, hence enriched with anti-fungal ingredients.

Best Hair Conditioner in India

Major Ingredients

1. Neem

2. Methi

3. Amla

4. Japa Pushpa

5. Curry Leaves

6. Bhringraj

7. Brahmi

8. Shea Butter

9. Glycerin

10. Castor Oil


● Repair and nourish your kids’ hair strands.

● Gently treat dry scalp and soothe itchiness.

● Eliminates dandruff and keeps the scalp clean.

How to use it?

Follow Mother Sparsh Anti-dandruff Brahmi hair care routine to prevent dandruff in kids.

● Apply Mother Sparsh Brahmi anti-dandruff oil for kids on the scalp and massage properly.

● Mix Mother Sparsh Brahmi Hair Lep with curd and apply the paste to your kid’s scalp.

● Wash off the lep with Mother Sparsh Brahmi Anti-dandruff shampoo for kids.

● Apply Mother Sparsh Brahmi Anti-dandruff conditioner on your kids’ hair and rinse off after 3 minutes.

Ayurvedic Jabapushp Hair Conditioner

Japapushpa, or hibiscus as we know it commonly, is a herb rich in hair growth properties. It is used in ayurvedic oils to prevent hair fall and early greying. Mother Sparsh Jabapushp hair conditioner is a rich blend of Jabapushp paste and other elements.

Major Ingredients

1. Japapushpa

2. Brahmi

3. Bhringraj

4. Shikakai

5. Amla

6. Curry Leaves

7. Reetha

8. Neem

9. Draksha

10. Olive oil

11. Caprylic Capric Triglycerides

12. Guar Gum


● Nourishes damaged and parched hair strands.

● Strengthen hair strands, increase elasticity and prevent breakage.

● Moisturises hair to keep frizz at bay and bestow natural shine.

● Improve the overall health of hair strands, roots, and scalp.

How to use it?

Mother Sparsh Intense Hair Treatment is the modern-day adaptation of our age-old ayurvedic hair care practices.

● Apply Mother Sparsh 30herbs hair oil onto your hair and scalp and massage in a circular motion for 10 minutes.

● Mix Mother Sparsh Dashmool Hair lep with curd and apply as a mask on hair and scalp.

● Leave the lep on the hair for 30 minutes for the hair to absorb all the benefits of the herbs.

● Wash off hair with Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Jabapushp Hair Cleanser.

● Apply Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Jabapushp hair conditioner on wet hair and rinse off with plain water.


1. How to use a hair conditioner?

Mother Sparsh Hair Conditioner is a combination of ayurvedic herbs and scientific formula. Apply it on wet hair, gently spread from root to tips and let the conditioner work for 3-5 minutes. After that, wash off the conditioner with plain water and pat dry with a soft towel.

2. Which conditioner is best for hair loss?

Conditioner alone cannot treat hair fall! However, Mother Sparsh Jabapushp hair conditioner, when used with Mother Sparsh's intense hair treatment kit, reduces hair fall and prevents premature greying.

3. Which conditioner is best for dry hair?

If you are troubled with dry and frizzy hair, use Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Conditioner after each wash. The raw onion concentrates keep your hair soft and nourished, and the moisturising ingredients maintain hair hydrated and manageable.

Best Conditioner for Dry Hair in India

4. Which Hair Conditioner is best for children under 14?

Mother Sparsh Brahmi Anti-dandruff hair conditioner is specially formulated for kids’ gentle hair strands. It keeps your kids’ hair hydrated, tangle-free and healthy.

Best Hair Conditioner in India

So, there is no need to explain why Mother Sparsh Natural Hair Conditioners are the best for your and your family’s hair care. From dandruff in kids to early greying in adults, Mother Sprash covers all your hair problems.

It is shopping time now! Go to the Mother Sparsh Website, order your favourite hair care products and avail the best offers.

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